Principal's New Year Message

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students

Term 1 began on 24th August when we welcomed our new first year students. We have been busy since then with a whole range of activities and events which you can read about in our December newsletter (go to links on home page.)

We have been working hard to improve communication between school and home.  As you know we use a text messaging system and we have given parents access to the school database system.  This term we started using an email system for parent communications.  While it is up and running, we know we do not have an up to date email address for all parents.  If you have not got an email from the school this term, contact the school office.  To help teachers and students keep in contact we have set up a school email system for students.

The Parent School Association had an eventful first term with two major activities.  The AGM in October featured invited guest speaker Dr Michael Heffernan which was very well attended with very positive feedback.  The ladies’ lunch at the end of October was a very successful social event and fundraiser.  Sincere thanks and congratulations to the organisers who have another project in the pipeline which you will hear about very soon. 

Discussions about the incorporation of the Santa Sabina convent into the school are ongoing and complex.  It is taking time to tease out the many issues that are associated with the project.  Consequently, the Board of Management is not yet in a position to speak to the school community about the project.  In addition, the Board is in negotiation with Park Developments (developer of the land to the left of the An Spórtlann) regarding the resolution of issues to do with the impact of the shared access on the school community.  

Student classes this term have been disrupted by ASTI industrial action.  This is a difficult situation for the teachers, students, parents and the Board of Management.  This is a national dispute which is outside the control of the Board. The Board is very aware of and empathises with the concerns of the whole school community.  However, it has a duty of care to all groups and it is within this context that it makes its decisions.   

As we start the Year 2017 I would like to thank you all for your support, understanding and courtesy.  I wish you and your families best wishes for the New Year.

Yours faithfully

Catherine Cavanagh




Dear Parents/Guardians

Joint Fund Raising Event

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Joint fund raising event for our new school buses.


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Gaisce – The President’s Award  


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