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The following Frequently Asked Questions have been prepared by parents for parents, to answer those questions that pop into your mind about Santa Sabina and the next year of schooling for your daughter. The answers are to help you be ready for the year to come. They are not intended to replace information received from the school but rather to supplement it and to help you understand the year ahead for your daughter.

If there are other questions or more clarification on any topic then please feel free to contact the committee of the Parent School Association on the dedicated email or call the school directly for an answer.

General questions and answers are listed here and year specific questions and answers can be found by clicking on the link below.

Do class times/structure of the day change?

No. Start and end times of day and classes are as listed on the school website and school calendar. Please note that on parent teacher meeting days, school finishes 15 minutes earlier. These dates are listed on the school calendar. Any other change would only be for exceptional circumstances and of which you will be informed in advance.

Does my daughter keep her locker?

No. A new locker is assigned. Towards the end of the school year your daughter will be asked to empty her locker and remove her lock. At the beginning of the new school year a new locker is assigned to each student. There is no payment required for locker rental in second year or later as the rental fee in first year covers all locker rental for all years.

Is supervised study available after school?

Yes. There are places available in supervised study which takes place after school for two hours each day during regular term times. This supervised study session begins 15 minutes after the end of the school day. A fee applies and your daughter will be given an application form at the beginning of the school year. Please note that preference is given to 6th year and 3rd year students.

What are the changes to the Junior Certificate examination?

The Department of Education and Skills has proposed to change the Junior Certificate to the Junior Cycle Student Award.

This involves changes in the curriculum and teaching and examination of material at Junior Cycle level in Secondary schools. These changes are being introduced on a phased basis from September 2014. Click here to read more detail.

What are the changes to the Leaving Certificate marking scheme?

The Department of Education and Skills is introducing a new structure of marking for the Leaving Certificate. This were introduced for the first time for students sitting the Leaving Certificate in June 2017. Click here for more details.

How should I pay for subject money, voluntary contributions and major school trips?

There is an EasyPay system available on the school website. This system is very convenient and allows you to pay on-line and print a receipt. You can set up an account or use it without having your own account. With this system the school also has complete traceability on who has paid and for what.

Is there a lost property box?

Yes. Every year there is a large number of items of uniform in lost property. Please label all items of uniform. The school coat has a special label on it with space to write on your daughter’s name. Iron on labels are available in the uniform suppliers. Please also check that the correct items of uniform are coming home as all students are wearing the identical uniform each day.

Also, many books are mislaid and lost each year. All books should be clearly labelled on the front cover with students name and class on the front cover of the book. Preferably, use a large white sticker on every book and copy and write the name and class in large print.

If your daughter has lost something please encourage her to check lost property.

What buses operate to/from school?

Please see the school buses section of the school website.

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