FAQs - 5th Year

5th Year

5th year is a very busy year. The curriculum for all Leaving Certificate subjects is designed to be taught over two years and therefore all work from the beginning of 5th year onwards is very important for Leaving Certificate.  Paying particular attention to homework and regular revision from the start of 5th year is advised.  Some students can find it difficult to get back into a heavy academic workload after transition year and so we advise parents to remember this in September of 5th year and to help your daughters establish good study habits.  There is advice in the student journal.

As the academic workload increases we would also advise students to remain or become involved in some sporting or other extra-curricular activities so as to maintain a balance between academics and non-academics.

When will I receive my daughter’s booklist for 5th year?

The school booklist is issued in Mid-June and will be available on the school website.

Is there a change in uniform for 5th year?

No. Students should wear the full school uniform to school every day.

Is there a change to base class groupings?

Yes.  New base class groupings of Emerald, Opal, Pearl and Sapphire will now be formed taking into account the subject option choices of the students.

Does assembly day change in 5th year?

Yes. Assemblies for 5th years are held with 6th years and may be on a different day to last year.  Students must attend assembly on their assigned day.  Assembly begins at 8.30am

Can my daughter change subject choices?

Subject choices are made in the third term of 4th year and classes are organised on that basis. Speak to the year head if you really want to change a subject choice.  The school will attempt to accommodate your daughter’s wishes but another choice may not be available depending on timetables and class sizes.

When does my daughter determine the level at which she will study a chosen subject?

See the school policy on this question, click here.

How does my daughter change from higher to ordinary level in a subject?

Click here to see the school policy on this question.

Will my daughter be able to avail of after school study time?

The 6th and 3rd year students wishing to avail of the places in after school study are given priority.  There are 60 places available, usually any 5th years wishing to avail of after school study can do so.

What career guidance classes are scheduled for 5th year students?

There is one class period per week for career guidance.  This time is used to help the students to research courses and colleges of interest to them.  Occasionally speakers from 3rd level colleges visit the school to speak to 5th year students about opportunities in their particular field.

Can I attend college open days?

Most colleges have open days on a Saturday to allow parents and students to attend together.  The school does not organise trips to college open days during 5th year.  In 6th year all students attend the Higher Options exhibition where all the 3rd level colleges come together in the RDS to market their college and answer questions from students. 

Can my daughter sign up for the Silver Gaisce award?

Yes. If your daughter has completed the Bronze Gaisce, then she will be offered the opportunity to sign up for the Silver Award.  The silver award takes a minimum of 52 weeks to complete.

When are head girl, deputy head girl and prefects appointed?

See the school policy on this question, click here.


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