Constitution and rules

  1. Name
    • The Association shall be known as the "Santa Sabina Parent School Association".
    • The Association shall be recognised by the School Management as an autonomous body, organised and run by its members, in keeping with its aims and objectives.
  2. Aims and Objectives of the Association shall be
    • to promote the Catholic ethos and educational objectives of the school, in a spirit of tolerance, understanding and enlightenment.
    • to promote the fullest co-operation and understanding between management, staff and parents in the interests of the school and its pupils.
    • to provide a forum for parents to make an input to the development of the school and of education policy at national level.
    • to consider and to advise the Board of Management or any other body on any matter relevant to the Association's aims and objectives.
    • specifically, the Association shall not concern itself with
      • the day-to-day running of the school, or
      • specific matters of discipline, or
      • individual parents' personal complaints or problems, or
      • professional and personal matters relating to individual teachers which are matters properly dealt with on a private and personal basis with the principal of the school, or
      • any matter which is properly the responsibility of Board of Management, principal or any of the teaching staff except as provided for in sub-section (d) of this section.
  3. Membership of the Association
    • Each parent or guardian of a pupil attending the school and each teacher employed by the school is a member of the Association.
    • Parents and guardians who cease to be members of the Association because of the departure from the school of their daughter at the end of the 6th or final year, may opt to remain in membership of the Association for one year further.
    • A teacher who is a parent or guardian of a pupil of the school shall be deemed, for the purposes of election to the committee, to be a teacher.
  4. Annual General Meeting
    • The Association shall hold the Annual General Meeting not later than the 30th October in each school year.
    • The meeting shall be convened by the secretary by the giving of notice in writing at least 7 days before the appointed day.
    • The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:
      • to receive a report from the secretary of the Association regarding the activities of the Association during the previous year;
      • to receive a report from the treasurer of the Association regarding the income and expenditure of the Association during the previous year;
      • to accept or otherwise modify the report of the secretary and treasurer;
      • The outgoing chairperson may, if he or she so desire, address the meeting on any relevant matters;
      • to hear the names of teachers employed by the school who are nominated to serve on the committee, and who shall be elected by the teachers of the school before the AGM is held;
      • to elect parents or guardians of pupils of the school to serve on the committee, provided for under clause 5(a);
      • to debate and adopt or otherwise modify any motion or proposal which members of the Association may wish to make at the AGM.
    • The business of the AGM shall be conducted in accordance with the following rules:
      • the chair shall be taken by the chairperson. In his or her absence, any other person nominated by the chairperson shall take the chair;
      • all decisions, unless they are unanimous, shall be decided by a simple majority, on a show of hands including the election of members of the committee (unless members present request the election decision to be by secret ballot);
      • a quorum for the AGM shall consist of 30 members;
      • the principal of the school, or his or her deputy, shall be entitled to speak at the AGM.
  5. Committee
    • The business of the Association shall be conducted by a committee consisting of not more than 12 members. The committee shall include parents or guardians elected at the AGM, a representative of the Board of Management, the principal or his or her deputy and up to 2 members of staff employed by the school and nominated in accordance with section 4 above.
    • No member of the committee may hold office for more than three consecutive years.
    • From all committee members, the committee shall elect officers for the roles of chairperson, secretary and treasurer.
    • The committee shall meet regularly throughout the year as determined by the committee, with a minimum of 6 meetings.
    • The committee shall be entitled to fill any vacancies on the committee, arising after the AGM has been held, by co-option of members of the Association.
    • The committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees for specific purposes.
    • The committee shall have the power to co-opt further members to the committee who shall have full voting rights.
    • Members co-opted to the committee shall hold office only until the next AGM, or for such shorter period as the committee may decide.
    • All decisions of the committee shall be decided by a simple majority of all the members present and voting and notification of a meeting shall be given five days in advance.
    • A quorum of the committee shall consist of four members including one member of staff and any two of the following officers: chairperson; secretary; treasurer. In order to ensure a teacher is present at committee meetings the teachers nominated to serve on the committee, in accordance with section 4 above, may appoint an alternate teacher to represent them at a committee meeting is they are unable to attend.
  6. Special General Meeting
    • A special general meeting of the Association may, for suitably serious reasons, be called by:
      • The chairperson, with the agreement of five members of the committee or at the written request of 25 ordinary members of the Association. or
      • A simple majority of the committee members present at a meeting of the committee properly constituted, or otherwise by a simple majority of all members of the Committee; or
      • by the principal of the school, after consultation with the chairperson.
    • The reason for holding a special general meeting must be stated when the decision to hold such a meeting is taken.
    • The secretary shall, within one month of receiving a properly constituted request for a special general meeting, summon, on seven days' notice, a general meeting of the Association, stating the purpose for which the meeting is called. This shall be the only business dealt with at the meeting.
    • Fifty members of the Association shall form a quorum at such meetings. Otherwise the rules of conduct shall be similar to those for an AGM.
  7. Revision of Constitution
    • This Constitution, having been adopted by a majority of those present at the 2013 AGM, shall come into effect immediately. It may not thereafter be altered except by decision of a two-thirds' majority of those members of the Association present and voting at the AGM, or at a special general meeting called for that purpose.



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