The new Junior Cycle

The original framework for a new Junior Cycle was published in 2012 but there weree several concerns raised about it. A revised framework document on which the new Junior Cycle will be based was published on 31 August 2015 and you can follow this link to read it in full

An overview of this revised framework is given below, however the implementation of the new framework in still under negotiation as the ASTI union voted on 23rd September 2015 to reject these proposals.

The student will receive a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) which will be a more comprehensive report on all the student's learning and achievements over the three year junior cycle.  There will be classroom based assessments and there will be final examinations, these examinations will be marked externally by the State Examinations Commission (as are the current Junior Certificate examinations.)  Subjects will be introduced on the following schedule:

Subject                          Introduced to first years                  First recorded on JCPA

English                           Sept 2014                                         Autumn 2017

Science and

Business Studies             Sept 2016                                       Autumn 2019

Irish, Art and

Modern language              Sept 2017                                     Autumn 2020

Maths, History

Geography, Music and

Home Economics             Sept 2018                                         Autumn 2021

Technology, Classics,

R.E. and Jewish Studies    Sept 2019                                        Autumn 2022





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