SPHE Programme Senior Cycle


Philosophy Behind Senior SPHE

The senior cycle SPHE programme aims to help students understand and recognise their strengths so that they can plan a life after school which will reflect their talents and abilities.  Students at this time may be very clear about what they might like to study after school but equally the thought of life after Santa Sabina may be very confusing and daunting.  Since SPHE has a moral and spiritual dimension, its development is hugely influenced by the ethos and characteristic spirit of our school. The topics and modules chosen for this programme will allow students to explore and shape their own opinions in relation to important issues which will impact on their lives now and in the future. The programme compliments work in other subject areas.  It is spiral in nature so many topics on the programme would have been discussed at a different level of complexity in previous years. We hope that the forum for discussion afforded by this subject and student centred teaching methodologies used will help our girls fire their imagination and find a pathway which is true for them, a pathway that will enable them to shine – in body, mind and soul.

Aims of our senior SPHE programme:

  1. To promote the physical, social, spiritual, and emotional health and well-being of all our students.
  2. To empower our students to follow healthy patterns of behaviour and make good decisions through the variety of learning experiences they will be exposed to.
  3. To enable our students to develop a framework of values, attitudes, understanding and skills that will inform their actions and decisions in all areas of their lives.
  4. To reiterate the importance and role of family and other relevant supports both inside and outside school in the working out of problems.
  5. To highlight how many issues can in fact be worked out through SPHE.


Unit 1:   Self Management:

Working in groups, study skills, relaxation techniques, and targets for year.

Unit 2:   Bullying:

             Cyber bullying, social net working.

Unit3:    Mental Health:

             Relationships, good family relationships, emotional, physical and social aspects of mental health, stress                            management, mental illness, teenage depression.

Unit 4:   Gender Studies

              Gender and culture, sexual orientation, understanding and accepting difference.

Unit 5:   Substance Use:

             Types of drugs, risk taking, binge drinking etc.

Unit 6:   RSE:  (Relationships and Sexuality Education)

              STIs, women’s health issues (importance of smears and breast checks etc), teenage pregnancy, sexual                             assault/harassment, planning for responsible parenthood.

Unit 7:   Physical Activity and Nutrition:

              Body image: How Fit am I?  Good Nutrition and current healthy eating guidelines, stress and nutrition, essential               food facts (balanced eating, factors affecting our food choices etc) how food labels can support informed                           nutritional decisions. Eating disorders common to adolescents.  Getting the balance right for overall good health.

Unit 8:   Over to You:

             Communication skills think right, making good decisions. Draw up a Life Plan- refer to one’s multiple                                  intelligences and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  This might offer clues as to how one might best approach the                    changes and challenges we face in our daily lives.

Unit 9:   Overall Course and Self Evaluation.



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