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Le Chéile Day

Celebrating our Catholic Faith
Le Chéile Day

On Friday, 31st March, we celebrated Le Chéile Day. In keeping with the Welcome, Wisdom, and Witness of Le Chéile schools, our students very generously contributed insightful words of wisdom (some their own words, others they took from literature, prayer, song, experience, etc. ) and these were mounted on coloured paper and displayed in our assembly area, so that the entire school community could learn from and appreciate the wisdom of others. These displays really showcased the creativity and wisdom in our school.

Furthermore, the day was marked with a short talk on the intercom, on the theme of Le Chéile Day, 2023, "Celebrating our Catholic Faith" and a reading of the Le Chéile prayer.


Le Chéile DayLe Chéile DayLe Chéile DayLe Chéile DayLe Chéile DayLe Chéile DayLe Chéile Day
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