Ski Trip Andalo 2019

Ski Trip Andalo 2019
Ski Trip  Andalo 2019

Ski Trip

Andalo 2019

By Emily Amos and Tara Pollock

Friday morning 15th February

The trip started at 3:30 in the morning, so I’m not sure how we got to the airport or even on the plane but coffee definitely helped. It was a nice and quick flight followed by 3 hours on a bus to get to the ski resort. We didn’t do any skiing when we got there we all basically passed out on our beds. But the next day we started our first lesson and we in the beginner group went straight to the pros. The first few days but I don’t think I could stop laughing while trying to ski. The skiing was amazing. Every day we learned a new thing about controlling our speed. We went on many different slopes but my personal favourite would be the one highest up the mountain. It had a view of lake Garda, the valley below and surrounding mountains that were miles away.

My favourite thing about skiing was flying down the mountain and just overtaking my friends, I might have had a need for speed. Everyday our lessons ran from 11am-1pm and then again from 3pm to 5pm. Our Croatian ski instructor Thomas was very proud when we went down the red slope, mind you we still fell, but were proud none-the-less.

Every lunch was in this small cafe down the hill where I believe we were the favourite customers. Every day after skiing there would be a planned activity like a movie or games but my favourite would be the ice skating. A few of us were proud to say we hadn’t fallen, others not so proud. There were a few who tried to walk normally and not understand why they weren’t going forward. We were all sad to leave Andalo, we went to Verona straight after going down the slopes on the last day.

Verona was amazing, we all did a lot of shopping and took advantage of the shops there that aren’t yet in Ireland. We went to Juliette’s balcony and we went into the Ampitheater. After this trip we all have new found respect for the teachers especially Ms Pearson who was lethal the slopes and Ms O’Doherty who didn’t fall once.

This article doesn’t capture everything on this amazing trip. But from the bottom of our hearts we can all say that we now love skiing.

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