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Fairtrade Breakfast

Fairtrade Breakfast
Fairtrade Breakfast

Fairtrade Breakfast

We celebrated our now annual Fairtrade event this morning with a breakfast of Fairtrade bananas, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and our own Irish strawberries. It was available to all students before the start of class today.

Thank you to the team of students who ran the event. They included members of the Equality Club, Green Schools Committee and Ms Forde’s 2nd year Business class. Thank you also to Mr Flynn and Ms Forde, without whom the event could not have happened.

Well done to the group of Social Justice prefects (Amy Callery and Kate Kelly) and Events prefects (Clare McLoughlin) who organised and coordinated every aspect of the morning.

Thanks to Fyffes Bananas for sponsoring our event again this year and Fairtrade for giving us free bananas.

Classes have been learning that Fairtrade is the most effective standard for guaranteeing a living wage for producers and students have been critically evaluating some of the clever marketing designed to emphasise the Fairtrade ethos.

Fairtrade BreakfastFairtrade BreakfastFairtrade BreakfastFairtrade Breakfast
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