Celebrating Excellence

Celebrating Excellence


Santa Sabina aims to highlight the positive achievements of the school community. This is done at the weekly assembly where student commendations awarded by individual teachers are read out. These commendations are given to students who have distinguished themselves in a social, cultural, academic or sporting area in or outside the school.

Student of the Month

One student in each year group is nominated for this award on a monthly basis. It is specifically for academic achievement in the month of December but otherwise it can be given for a range of achievements.

There is also a range of annual awards which are presented at the Transition Year and 6th Year Graduation Ceremonies

Verity Swan Award

This is presented to the student who obtains the highest grades in the Junior Certificate Exam.

The Feargal Quinn Award

Every year, Senator Feargal Quinn – the renowned local businessman - presents an award for initiative in Transition Year.

Transition Year Student of the Year

This award is presented to the student who best embraces the philosophy of Transition Year.

The Lynn Taylor Memorial Award

This is awarded to the student who demonstrates a positive attitude to peers and staff, where overall commitment to the school and application to work have been noticed by the majority of staff. It is in memory of Lynn Taylor, a young student who died in France at the end of her Transition Year in 1993. The award is given every year to the student who best represents her qualities.

The Anne Davitt Memorial Award

Anne Davitt was a teacher of Gaeilge who died unexpectedly in 2000. As an ongoing memorial to her, her husband Séan and the Davitt family donated an Irish cut-glass piece. This is presented each year to the student who shows excellence in Irish.

The Anne Wynne Memorial Trophy

Anne Wynne, who taught French and German, died in 1996 and this award is given in her memory. It is presented to a student who excels in languages.

Joyce McAleese Award

This prize is awarded to the student who in the opinion of the staff best represents the school in the sporting arena.

Nuala Melinn Award for the Santa Sabina Young Person of the Year

This award is presented to the student who, in the opinion of the staff, has shown herself to be both staunch and principled in the pursuit of her goals. The recipient will have shown leadership qualities, valued others have been an inspiration to the whole school community.

The Maths Trophy

This trophy is awarded in honour and memory of four deceased members of the class of ’75, to the 6th year student who, in the opinion of the staff, shows excellence and commitment in mathematics.

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