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Additional Educational Needs

Special Educational Need (SEN) is now often referred to as Additional Educational Need (AEN). This term refers to any student that requires more support because of a disability or diagnosis. It also refers to the needs of exceptionally able students so they are challenged and supported in an educational setting. In Santa Sabina, we have measures, strategies and practices to support all students, including those with additional educational needs.

Intro to SENCO

SENCO stands for Special Educational Needs Coordinator. A member of the teaching staff here in Santa Sabina has undertaken further studies around supporting students who present with additional needs. He coordinates the delivery of learning supports, makes applications for Reasonable Accommodations in the Certificate Exams, and supports students and teachers to ensure each student achieves their full potential.

Transition to Post-Primary

Moving from primary school is one of the most significant changes your child will go through. It is important to note that the majority of children manage this transition very well and settle in with us quickly. We offer an induction programme, run by the 1st year head and tutors which facilitates the girls to make friends, gain familiarity with our campus and meet their teachers.In Santa Sabina, we have strong relationships with the Primary schools in our area, which helps make the transition between primary and post primary school as smooth as possible for our girls.


Identifying Need

If your child has been identified in primary school as having an additional need, and is in receipt of support, this can be communicated to the school during the enrolment process and documents and reports submitted to our administration team. These will be passed to our SENCO, who will put a plan in place for the student.

We work closely with all of our feeder schools to gather information on any additional needs before your child start in September. We liaise with learning support teachers in these schools and plan a smooth transition between primary and post primary setting.

Our goal is to build a close working relationship between parents and school so that your child reaches their own individual potential and strives to be the best student they can be in Santa Sabina.

Student Assessment

Students undertake an entrance assessment in September of the year they begin post-primary school. This assessment is extremely child friendly and is done on their iPad device. It generates information which can tell us what type of learner your daughter is and it can help teachers design lessons to suit different learning styles.

Occasionally, additional needs are not identified until post primary school. If teachers have a concern about a student’s progress, they can refer her to the learning support department, who in consultation with parents and student, can carry out additional assessments to identify learning needs and devise targets. A Psychological assessment through the National Educational Psychological Services (NEPS) may be recommended, which would make recommendations on how best to support the student.

Learning Supports

The Learning Department offer support to students in various subjects, as well as in areas such as organisational skills and study skills. These interventions may be carried out in class, in small groups or on a one to one basis depending on the level of identified need. Additional learning supports are kept under review to ensure best practices are being implemented. In addition, both parents, students and teachers regularly evaluate the type and level of support in place to ensure they are meeting the needs of the student in the most appropriate way.

Special Needs Assistants

Santa Sabina currently employs two full-time SNAs. They work closely with Support teachers, parents and students on a daily basis.

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