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Santa Sabina Student Council

Santa Sabina Student Council

The Santa Sabina Student Council

The Student Council represents the Student Voice in Santa Sabina and works in partnership with the school’s management, staff, parents and students in support of the school and the student body. It is elected annually and students from all year groups are encouraged to become members.

  • The Student Council acts as a communications link with school management and staff.
  • The Student Council provides students with an opportunity to develop leadership skills
  • The Student Council facilitates student participation in decision making and policy formation in the school.
  • The Student Council promotes the wellbeing of the students in Santa Sabina and ensures that students' issues are listened to and given due consideration.

The Student Council meets regularly during the school year to discuss any student-related issues which are brought to its attention. Should a student have any concerns or suggestions, then she may discuss this with a Student Council representative and let her know if she would like the issue to be brought up at a Council meeting.

To view a copy of the current Student Council Constitution click the link below:

Santa Sabina Student Council Constitution

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