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Debating in Santa Sabina

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Are you…

  • …interested in developing your public-speaking skills?
  • …looking to discuss and research current global issues?
  • …curious about how to structure a speech, talk or debate?
  • …eager to meet, work and collaborate with peers from various year groups?
  • …open to new ideas and ways of thinking?
  • …simply seeking out new skills, hobbies or ways of making friends?

If your answer is “Yes!” to any of the above questions, then the Santa Sabina Debate Team is for you!

Debate Team Coordinator: Mr. A. Murphy

Senior Debate Prefects 2021/22: Seona Coogan & Mathilda de Burca


By joining the Santa Sabina Debate Team, you will gain invaluable experience in the areas of debate, research and teamwork. You will have the opportunity to discuss topics ranging from pressing issues such as poverty and racial inequality, to lighter topics such as : “Tea or coffee?” and “Dogs or cats?”. Prior to discussing and debating these topics, you will work on essential research skills such as fact-checking, citing and referencing. Furthermore, you will collaborate with your peers in designing concrete arguments in favour or against the various motions, relying on one another to build a convincing case and ultimately win your debate.


The current team is composed of TY and 5th year students and is open to all senior year groups. We meet on average twice a week after school in preparation for our main objective - The Concern Debate Series.

This year, the current team have advanced to the all-Ireland semi-final, which will see them compete against 3 other schools in a bid to win the Concern Debates Shield. This is a huge achievement for a newly-founded team and we hope to secure a victory in the coming weeks!

Our Debate Prefects will also begin setting up a Junior Debate Club in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled for further information on this exciting new development.

Further information

If you have any questions, please speak to Mr. Murphy in person in Room 16 (or via email, Alternatively, please feel free to approach either of our representatives listed above or any of the members of our team.

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Testimonials from current members:

“By doing debating and being a part of the debate team, I have seen a great improvement in my English writing skills as well as my confidence with public speaking.”

“It's a very enjoyable experience with lots of opportunities for friendships and a chance to build up confidence for speaking in front of a large group or crowd.”

“[the best part about being on the debate team is…] the rush of adrenaline before going up to talk and the general feeling of friendship within the team, regardless of our year groups or ages.”

“The most enjoyable part of participating in this year’s debate team has been the opportunity to discuss and investigate global issues with like minded people.”

“The debate team is a wonderful opportunity to build your confidence and learn about global issues from different perspectives.”

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