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Equality Club


What is the equality club?

The equality club is a voluntary, student-run club where we discuss topical issues of inequality in our society. It’s open for students from 1st year all the way up to 6th year.

The club is on every Thursday in the upstairs video room during lunch.

Club members

Teachers: Mrs Bradshaw and Mrs Murray McGowan

Students in charge : The Social Justice prefect and experienced club members

What we do:

We engage in open discussions on different topics and organise events in the school. The topics and events are suggested and planned by the students. Recently our topics have been on microaggressions, men’s mental health, Stand Up Week and how the school could be more inclusive. Everyone is able to speak and we take pride in making sure that everyone has their voice heard.

Organised actions and events:

Throughout the school year we have organised different events around the school. Here are some examples:

We organised a Fairtrade Day where we bought only fair trade foods; hot chocolate, strawberries and bananas. Members of the equality club then put on a breakfast for the entire school to highlight the topic of Fairtrade and how people might be able to support the movement by switching to some Fairtrade options. Posters were put up around the school talking about the issue of the lack of proper fair trade in our world and how we could help to tackle this problem in school and at home.

Currently, the Equality Club is also working on a survey for all students so we can plan on how to make the school more inclusive for our students.

Each year we celebrate International Women's Day on the 8th March with a variety of activities. This year we plan to focus on inspiring role models. This will include a display in the canteen.

We have also been involved with Amnesty International this year and their 'Write for Rights' campaign. To get involved we have been writing letters in support of prisoners of conscience.


Benefits for students

Being a member of Equality Club means you will gain knowledge, challenge attitudes, learn campaigning and critical thinking skills, carry out meaningful actions, meet new people and work as a team.

What’s coming up?

For the most up to date information on upcoming events in the school for the equality club, check out our Instagram: @santasabinasutton

Also coming up this year we have decided that we are going to apply and work towards the yellow flag program to tackle racism and celebrate diversity

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