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The following documents can be downloaded below:

2024 Admission Policy

2023 Code of Behaviour

2023 - 2024 Annual Admission Notice

2024 Child Safeguarding Statement - signed BOM

2024 Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment

2024 Anti-Bullying Policy

2024 Notification - BOM Annual review of Anti-Bullying Policy - Signed

2024 Student Dress Code

2023 Sustainability Policy

2023 Mobile Phone Policy

2023 Uniform policy

2023 Severe weather warning conditions - status red

2023 Notification of the annual review of the Antibullying Policy

2023 Critical Incident Policy

2002-2023 Post Primary Self Evaluation Report and Improvement Plan

2023 Notification of Child Safeguarding Review

2023 Acceptable Internet Usage Policy

2023 Acceptable Ipad Usage Policy

2022 Parent Charter

2022 Substance misuse policy (December)

2022 CCTV/Recorded Images Policy

2022 Vetting Policy

2022 Code of Professional Conduct and Practice

2022 Wellbeing Policy

2022 SPHE and RSE policy

2022 Home Work Policy

2022 School trip policy

2022 Statement of Practice - Subject Choice

2022 Suspension Policy

2022 Expulsion Policy

2022 Notification Board of Management review of Child Safeguarding Statement

2021 Attendance Policy

2021/2022 School Improvement Plan

2021/2022 Literacy and Numeracy strategy

2021/2022 Junior Cycle Programme

2021/2022 TY Programme

2021 Policy and Procedures for First Aid

2020 Pastoral Care Policy

2020 Religious Education Policy

2020 Data Protection Policy

2020 Additional Educational Needs Policy

2020 Assessment Policy

Framework for remote teaching and learning

Administration of Medicines in Schools (Indemnity)

Statement of Practice - Students leaving Class

Traditional Leaving Certificate - General Information

Social Media Policy

Parent_teacher meetings Statement of practice

2019 Search Policy

Classroom Code

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