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Science Club

Science Club in Santa Sabina

Santa Sabina Science Club was set up in 2019 by Ms Fitzgerald to give students the chance to pursue their interest in science outside the classroom setting. It initially began with a small group of 1st year students and has grown in success each year. Science Club is now open to all Junior Cycle students (1st-3rd year) who study Science in school. The aim of the club is to encourage students to develop practical and problem-solving skills in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. It strives to create a love of science in students and inspire students to continue to study the subject at Leaving Cert level and beyond.

This year, Science Club runs every Tuesday after school from 3.40 – 4.30. There are a limited number of spaces due to lab restrictions but every effort is made to accommodate everyone who is interested in joining!

What do we do in Science Club?

Science Club is crammed full of exciting science investigations that introduce students to a wide range of science topics from the traditional biology, chemistry and physics, to engineering and earth & space. Each week students complete fun experiments and activities that they wouldn’t normally get the chance to do in class. We also focus on science in the real world and look into scientific phenomena that students may or may not have encountered in their everyday lives.

Some examples of activities completed in Science Club are:

  • Biology: dissections, DNA extraction, ecology
  • Chemistry: forensics, acids/bases, plastic milk, elephant toothpaste
  • Physics: floating rafts, balloon cars, density tower
  • Earth/Space: water cycle, make a volcano
  • Engineering: marshmallow/toothpick challenge, design a parachute, egg drop challenge

Science Club actively encourages students to enter national and local science competitions such as 'BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition', 'Scifest', ‘ReelLife Science’ and ISTA (Irish Science Teachers Association) competitions. The club also organises a variety of relevant guest speakers for the students, as well as some science related trips.

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Opportunities for Science Club Members

Science is a practical subject and Science Club provides students with the perfect opportunity to explore the scientific world in a friendly and safe environment. This allows students to develop their enquiry-based learning skills and participate in active, self-guided learning. Science Club promotes creativity, curiosity, teamwork and investigative skills.

Students are provided with a range of amazing opportunities through Science Club. One of the highlights of the year is the AMGEN Biotech Experience, where students get to work with real-life university lab equipment from UCD to prepare, run and analyse DNA profiles. The exposure to university level lab equipment really gives students an insight into what a career in science might be like.

Through Science Club, students have access to Salter’s Chemistry Club, which is run by the Salter’s Institute. It is a unique online, interactive learning platform. It has high levels of interactivity with beautiful illustrations relating to each monthly theme which really bring science to life on students’ screens. Students are able to check their progress through their profile portal and can choose to complete the activities as the content is released each weekday or at their own pace.

Science Club also provides students with opportunities to enter relevant science competitions which improve their research, organisational, photography, video making/editing and experimental skills.

If a student has a real passion for science and the world around them, then Science Club is for you!

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