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School Bus:

Santa Sabina has a privately organised bus service. To access this service parents must register their daughter in advance. There are two bus routes which bring students to and from school each morning and evening. To see full details of these bus routes, the bus timetable and relevant contact information please click on the following link.

School bus Aug 2020/2021


Public Transport:

Santa Sabina is accessible to students using public transport. Sutton Dart Station is a 15 minute walk from the school and provides regular services to Howth and Clontarf. Dublin Bus has two bus stops on Route 6 right outside the school campus while other bus routes are available from Sutton Dart Station and Sutton Cross. Please see Dublin Bus for more information on local bus routes.


Cycling to School:

Cycling and walking to school is greatly encouraged for Santa Sabina students where possible as it supports student physical and mental wellbeing.

Santa Sabina has sheltered bicycle racks for any students who wish to cycle to school. Students who cycle to school are reminded to bring their own lock to secure their bicycle at the bike rack. Students are also advised to wear a protective helmet while cycling to and from school.


Driving to School:

Students who are being driven to school by parents or guardians are advised to use St. Fintan's Church carpark for dropping off or collecting students from school. To avoid traffic congestion at the entrance to the school we ask parents to refrain from entering the school campus unless it is deemed necessary. Parking on campus is limited and reserved for staff and visitors.

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